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Summer Program

Summer Program

Learn Listen Play is now Music Play Patrol. Looking for a new and exciting music program for your summer program? We specialize in providing mobile music education and entertainment to camps and summer programs throughout the northeast.

At MPP, we work with every camp to customize an experience that is perfect for you and your campers. You can schedule a one-time session, or multiple sessions throughout the summer. Campers will learn about a variety of instruments and music from around the world. Each camper will have the opportunity to play instruments, including professional instruments, every session. What makes our program unique is that we believe that students learn more through exploring and play.

New Programs for 2019

Voicebox Program

The Universe of Sounds

For students ages 3 and up.

Campers will explore the sounds of space using unique instruments and sound processors. Using a voice box vocoder and microphone, campers will change their voice to sound like aliens and creatures from beyond. Campers will also make music using a theremin, an instrument that can be played without any physical contact that was used for sound effects in early sci-fi films.

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CCJP Drum Circle

Musical Storytelling with Instruments

For students ages 2 and up.

Our musical storytelling program teaches children how musical elements like rhythm, dynamics, and tempo can be used with classroom instruments to represent characters in some of our favorite stories like “Three Little Pigs”, “Little Red Riding Hood”, “Going on a Bear Hunt”. New stories for 2019 include: “The Jungle Book”, “Green Eggs & Ham”, and “Princess in the Musical Castle”.

Popular Programs

Campers Djembe Drum Circle

Djembe - African Drum Circle

For students ages 2 and up.

This is our most popular program and is requested at every camp. This program gets both adults and campers up moving and dancing to the beat! Campers learn about African drumming and play an authentic African djembe. During the session, campers will play hand drums, sing songs, and end the session with a traditional African dance circle.

Girls Students Bucket Drumming

Bucket & Recycled Instruments

For students ages 3 and up.

Another camp favorite; campers learn how to make music and play rhythms using buckets and other recycled items found around any home. This program teaches campers creativity and how to make music from ordinary objects.

Girl playing Walking Floor Piano

Walking Floor Piano

For students ages 2 and up.

Playing the piano can be lots of fun, but playing using your feet can be even more exciting. Students will learn how to play songs using an oversized piano mat synthesizer.

  • Hourly Summer Program Rate

  • $


    • Music entertainment for children ages 2 and up
    • Each hour of programming can have up to 50 students
    • Each additional hour is $120
    • A travel fee is added for locations more than 30 miles from Philadelphia
    • We travel to locations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Northern Virginia
    • Children will have the opportunity to dance, sing and play a variety of instruments
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Preschool & Summer Program Testimonial

"Learn Listen Play has been the most engaging, education, and entertaining music program that we have had in our program in a number of years. We are very pleased with the flexibility and diversity of the programs offered."

Stephen Cotilus

Montgomery Early Learning Centers